Interview with Frank Fröhlich and Stephan Stöcklein, doubleseater class, glider ASG32Mi D- KSFF, competition number 63, 11th July 2019, day 4 of the competition

Frank and Stephan reached 3rd place on the second scored competition day of the doubleseaters.

Their rating can be found here.

How was your flight in general? Are you satisfied? 

Frank: Yes very. But at first, when starting the task, we had concerns, if the weather would play along at all. Because the sky was clouding over from the west. But we knew it was clear in the East. And whether or not you would still get a thermal connection after the start, was questionable at first. The problem resolved itself directly after the engine shutdown, because you could climb well and then we could fly to the startline Tangermünde. Then we started the task without waiting for too long. The startline was opened and we crossed the line approximately 10 minutes after the start gate was opened.

Stephan: It was a very good decision that Frank started the task pretty soon. And so we had a good weather window and very good thermal lines.

Did you have any negative or positive surprises during your flight? 

Frank: Some competitors did not really follow the circle flight rules. So, they cut other competitors off, which was unnecessary, because, as a result, we flew very close to each other.

Stephan: A positive surprise was that we did not think at all this morning, that the weather would be so good and that in the end we would also have very good lines, good cloud streets. After the last turnpoint we thermalled again and then flew 90 km straight home.

Which decision taken during the flight was the most successful?

Stephan: The decision that we only circled in good lift. Only at three meters climb rate at the end of the task, and of course, Frank’s decision on the lines he flew, and that we just did not fly too low like some others did. It must have been difficult for them. Frank flew pretty close to the cloudbase and we matched the line almost perfectly.

Which decisions were most difficult to take?

Frank: When to start the task.

As a team of a double-seater plane, do you take decisions jointly as a team or does the pilot flying take the decisions?

Frank: Always as a team. The lines are also discussed.

Stephan: But the [responsible] pilot still decides. You have to say that. Since he [Frank] has more experience from the two of us to date, I do not have that much experience in competitions. But it works well.

This is the first German championship for you, Stephan, isn’t it?

Stephan: Yes, exactly.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stephan: What I like is that, despite the difficult weather conditions, they [the competition management] have taken good decisions with regard to flying. For example, to start so late again yesterday – that was done very well. At first I did not think that we would be flying really.

Thank you, Frank and Stephan for this interview!


The Interview was taken by Evgenia Alexeeva.