We have looked very much forward to this moment. Today is the day when several months of preparations, logistics, set ups and planning will come together.

89 registered sailplanes, 12 countries in 3 competitive classes have taken the (for some) long road to Hansestadt Stendal in order to join the competition.

Today, the German Gliding Championship 2019 Stendal of the Open and Doubleseater Class as well as the International Stendal Glide 2019 for all international guests begins.


Don’t miss the opening briefing

Time: Sunday the 7th of July from 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM
Location: Aerodrome Stendal-Borstel or via Live-View on Facebook

You can meet the glider pilots, teams, helping hands, and all specific briefings details for this exciting event.

The live tracking of the flights can be found in the menu tab “Live Tracking”. There select the respective class and follow live the competing sailplanes.

We are very excited to officially open this event.

We thank all partners, sponsors and helpers for this great support!

Join us via Social Media or visit us at the Aerodrome Stendal-Borstel and enjoy.

Your Orga-Team