Day 3

Yesterday (Wednesday) we were finally able to send all classes into the competition. The weather “snoop” started at 1:09 PM local in gray sky.

Somewhat delayed, the rest of the doubleseaters started and was completely up in the air until 2:50. The flown day task A, a racing task with a distance of 296.7 km, started from the departure point Stendal-South first to Barby, then to Torgau via Flaeming Ost A9 towards Wuster Damm and back to Stendal-Borstel. All scores of DoSi’s here. Steffen Trapp and his co-pilot Chr. Reiss won the day at 120, 74 km / h in the Arcus M (1H).

The open class started at 3:00 PM local and was instantly in the air. For them, the B-task was activated due to the weather window. A racing task over 220.7 km from the departure point Stendal-East via Leitz to Zahna and back to Stendal-Borstel. The rating of the open can be found here. This time, Jim Acketoft (1P) took the day’s victory with his EB29DR and an average of 137.27 km / h.

The tail light was the 18m class (International Stendal Glide or pre-World Cup), which were towed locally from 15:15 clock. They had the day’s task B, a 174.6 km racing task from departure point Stendal-West to Lindau via Luesse-Belzig and back. Take a look at the rating here. Laurens Goudriaan wins the day’s victory in his JS3 (LG) with 136.27 km / h average speed.

For all helpers and teams, the exciting live tracking via OGN already began after the start.

Too fast, the three classes were back home – the first reported already at 5:30 PM in front of the target circle. The first scores were seen a short time later in Strepla and formed a hot point fight between some participants.

All participants landed back in Stendal-Borstel. The cleaning and reworking of the aircraft could be done in warming evening sun.

Day 4 (Today)

Last night it was rumored that the weather would be rather difficult today. This morning, the world looked a little different.
Walter Hermann, our meteorologist, was a bit hesitant at first, but then cleared the way for the open and double-seater class.

The sky was mostly covered. Nevertheless, the thermals on the track brought good to very good climbing values: “My beard had integrated 4.1 m / s!” (Quote participant).

Since the departure window was weather-beaten by Stendal-Borstel only short, the sports director decided to neutralize the 18m class today from the beginning – so not to let start.

The open class was allowed to fly a racing task (A) over 244.9 km from the departure point Stendal-Ost to Neustrelitz via Fürstenberg to Rathenow and back. Scoring can be found here. With an average speed of 146.6, / h, the fastest Felipe Levin (FL) was quite fast with his EB29R, closely followed by team partner and world champion Michael Sommer (EB), also in an EB29R.

The DoSi’s flew a racing task over 193.0 km from Tangermünde to Wittstock via Rheinsberg to the Wasserkuppe and to Stendal-Borstel.

Day winners are Christine Grote and Ulrich Gmelin in the Arcus T (V8) with 134.84 km / h.

Both ratings can be found here.