A short drizzle opened the second day of the German Gliding Championships and the International Stendal Glide.

No reason for doing nothing: starting as usual 8:00 – 9:50. Briefing 10:00. The thermals still took a while to come and brought threetimes a delay for launching time.

The doubleseaters were allowed to dare first and started towing or starting at 2:30 local time.

However, with a cloud base at about 1000m and low thermals, the class was neutralized along with the 18m class that had lined up at the back of the airfield.

For the open class, however, there was no escape. Starting 2:45 clock local time, after the landed DoSi’s rolled off track.

Not quite as easy was the daily task B from Stendal-Borstel East to Havelberg, Fürstenberg, Leizen and back to Stendal. An AAT over 2 hours.

The provisional ranking shows a double victory for world champion Michael Sommer (EB) and team mate Felipe Levin (FL), followed by Bruno Gantenbrink (YY) with his Nimeta.

Take a look at the daily ranking here!

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