Interview with Alberto Sironi and Elena Fergnani, iAM, doubleseater class, winners of day 6 of the competition, 13 July 2019

It was a difficult day, the weather was challenging, but it was successful for you. Could you describe your day?

Elena: Yes, the weather was tricky at the beginning but we made an early start, and in the end it worked very well and it was good fun!

Alberto: At the first leg we had a thunderstorm at a certain point in front of us and we had to make a deviation to the right and, anyway, we got to the first turnpoint and it was OK, together with the others. But then we decided to make a deviation to the south in the second area, second turnpoint, and this was the right choice. And then the leg when we came back was really easy. But at the end, we did not have the energy any more, so we climbed again just forty kilometers from here, just to arrive here, so it was not really difficult.

Which decision was the most difficult to take during this flight?

Elena: Getting southern way at the second turnpoint. Most of the people went north, and we decided to stay more to the south. Although we had a calculation that we should have arrived a way later than forecasted, we kept on pushing a bit longer into the second turnpoint and then we turned back. And i think, that made the difference.

What about flying conditions here in Germany? Is this the first time you are flying in Germany?

Alberto and Elena: Yes.

How do you find flying conditions here in Stendal?

Alberto: I think the meteo is not really normal at the moment. The meteo conditions are not good these days. But every time we go flying, it is fun and a good experience. It is a massive flat area, where we are flying now.

Is it easier or more difficult as compared to where you normally fly? In this flat area?

Alberto: It is OK, it is normal.

Elena: It is very different from the Italian flatland. Because we have weaker conditions and no wind normally. With this wind, you would not fly there. But here you have more energy in the air. So, even with the wind it is still working and it is working pretty well.

How do you find the facilities here? How do you like the grounds?

Elena: It is huge, it is enourmous, it’s great.

Thank you both, Elena and Alberto!


The interview was taken by Evgenia Alexeeva.