Foto: aeroteam Klix

Photo: aeroteam Klix

In cooperation with the competition organizers in Lüsse we are working on an ICAO map, certified by the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) for the complete Competition area. The map can be purchased in our registration office (20€ each). Upfront reservations are possible via email to The consecutively numbered turning points will be printed on the map and are coordinated with the competitions in Lüsse, Canitz, Holzdorf and Klix and Stendal.
The map will contain the area from 50.-54. latitude north and 10.-18. longitude east. The map will meet all the requirements for the mandatory aviation chart you need to take on board. It covers the standard map sheet of Berlin completely and in part the sheets of Nürnberg and Rostock, as well as parts of Poland and the Czech Republic.
It will be one unfolded piece (98cm x 138cm). Therefore, it is neither necessary anymore to glue multiple maps together nor search for the right map in the cockpit. You can find ideas for folding the maps here.