Interview with Hadriaan van Nes, Netherlands, flying JS1B-TJ  (JS), on 18 July 2019, day 11 of the championship

Good evening, Hadriaan! It looks like you are one of the leaders today, you are on place two, according to the preliminary daily scores. Congratulations! 

Oh, I haven’t had a look yet…

Are you happy with the result and with your flight today? 

Today it was a bit tricky at the end. The start was ok. To the south the weather was beautiful. I flew together with Laurence Goudriaan. And Sikko could not catch up with us. So we two decided to continue. And at the southern turning point the overcast started. And we decided to be a bit patient, maybe a bit too much, too patient, because we glided towards two small cumulus clouds and then suddenly we saw bigger clouds and two other gliders and it was a much better climb. We were home.

What do you think about the new rules of declared start?

Well, we need to do something. Because before the startline it is fairly crowded in the air and people are just chasing other airplanes, just following them. And if you want to have fair competitions, you need to do something on the startline. I like trying different things, so if you have 10-minute waiting time and then a 10-minute window to start and if you can use this three times – that would be fine with me. But yesterday we tried it and we could only use it for one time. And that’s a pity because then the tactics are gone. 

Have you flown any competitions before where the declared start procedure was used?


Have you flown here, in the north of Germany, before?

Yes. I flew twice here in Stendal in 2007 and 2008. But it was in early spring during the Dutch national championships. And I flew in Lüsse in the World Championship. And I have flown three times in Klix competitions. So, the area south of Berlin I know fairly well. 

What do you think of flying here?

It’s beautiful. We were not lucky with the weather but if the sun is shining, there are thermals. And the cloudbase is high. Today it was also so, it is still cloudy. But when the sun is there, the thermals are there. 

You will be presumably coming for the World Championship here to Stendal next year? 

Hopefully. It depends on who is classified in the Dutch national team. I will be in the team but whether or not I am one of the five-six who will compete here – I would say five because in the double seater class you can send only one glider – this I don’t know yet. 

I have read that you participated last year in the World Championship in Hossin in the open class while in other competitions you flew 18m. If you do come next year, which model would you fly?

Either one. Wherever there is a space I will fly. Preferably 18m class because then I can fly my own glider. But for the open class JS1C is a good airplane but nowadays it is EB29 R: you need to have EB29 otherwise you are out of the competition basically.

What are the advantages of this glider? 

It’s just a good airplane. With good pilots it is unbeatable. Look at Michael and Felipe [Michael Sommer and Felipe Levin]. In Hossin [World Championship 2018] it was the same – during the competition I was on the fourth place, behind three EB29’s, and then, as you have to try different things, to fly differently, I lost a couple of places doing so. I had to do something differently to beat them. But instead of beating them I lost. 

Which plane did you fly then?

JS1C, 21 meter.

Thank you very much, Hadriaan, for this interview and we wish you the best of luck! 


The interview was taken by Evgenia Alexeeva.